Practise OSCEs

The following practice OSCEs have been kindly shared by the Cabrini Emergency education team:

The following practice OSCEs have been kindly shared by the Royal Melbourne ED education team:

Recommended Texts

In addition to the texts that you used for the written exam the other texts we recommend for the OSCE are:

  • Talley N, O’Connor S, Examination Medicine – a Guide to Physician Training

  • Roberts JR, Hedges JR (eds), Clinical Procedures in Emergency Medicine - this is the go to book for procedures. When you purchase this book you also get access to loads of videos on line demonstrating the procedures. 

Web-based Resources 

    • Adelaide Emergency Physicians site for more practice OSCEs

    • EduAcute Communication scenarios - useful practise for challenging communication stations

    • Geeky Medics - designed for medical students but the communication skills section has some useful revision e.g. explaining how to administer salbutamol using a spacer, mental state examination, sexual history taking. Clinical examination section also useful.

    • - good videos for clinical examination, all a bit long but useful for revising the important bits and then you have to practice making them short and slick. 

    • LITFL - more examination videos 

    • essential listening for preparing 
to do any end of life conversations. (EMcritPodcast 93) 

    • TopEndExam- Jo Rudd's study notes are useful for templates and summary lists

    • EmergencyPedia - FOAMed resource from Westmead

Fellowship Education Group

Click here for a list of ED consultants who are happy to help you practise (Monash trainees only).