Station Types

The intent of the OSCE is to assess candidate performance at a level consistent with that of a newly elected FACEM, with a focus on:

  • professional behaviours and interactions

  • communication, psychomotor and other relevant skills

  • the application of medical expertise knowledge to various clinical scenarios.

Given the format, just about anything can be asked in this exam. In general, the OSCE styles included are:

1) History taking

2) Physical examination

3) Communication

4) Team Based Simulation

5) Clinical Synthesis

6) Teaching/advice to junior staff

7) Standardised Case-Based Discussion

8) Procedures

9) Administration

Paediatric scenarios will comprise approximately 25% of the exam, which may be in any of the OSCE formats.

Video and written examples of OSCE stations are available on the Fellowship Examination Resources site and you are encouraged to familiarise yourself with these resources.

Click on each of the station types above for tips on how to approach them.